More Beautiful After Knowing How to Overcome Dry Lips

Not only hair and beautiful skin, lips are also one of the factors that makes women look healthy and beautiful. Dry and chapped lips, in addition to disturbing appearance, can also be a sign of health problems, such as dehydration, lip irritation, and malnutrition. How to deal with dry lips need to be done with care from inside and outside. Lip skin has no protection against UV rays, changes in temperature, wind, and the influence of air conditioning. Because unlike other parts of the skin, lip skin does not have melanin, which is a skin coloring pigment as well as a skin protector. Lip skin also does not have glands that can produce natural lubricants to moisturize the skin. Therefore, in order to maintain healthy lips, you need to know several ways to deal with dry lips and what causes it. Avoid Causes of Dry Lips Dry lips are caused by various factors, both habits and environmental factors. Causes of dry lips include: Licking lips When your lips are dry, you may unwittin
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